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Austral is The Best hair salon in Columbia SC! From haircuts, balayage, brazilian blowout, color treatments to waxing and makeup applications we take care of all your hair styling needs.Our stylists are highly trained professionals who will listen carefully to what you want before giving you their expert opinion on how they can make it happen. You’ll love our relaxing atmosphere, too!

Come visit us today at 2100 North Beltline Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29204 or call 803·790·0770 for an appointment with one of our talented stylists! We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Tim Shealy

Tim started Austral in 1986. Since then, his focus has been to provide clients with a great experience: great skill and great products. “Skill and professionalism sets our team apart.”

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Tim Shealy Columbia SC Hairdresser
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Austral hair salon is like no other in Columbia. With our modern, open-space concept, warm wood tones, and spa-like atmosphere, you know this is no ordinary hair salon.

Relax and unwind. And when you meet your stylist, you know immediately you are going to look your best and feel great.


Stylist / Colourist

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Stylist / Colourist

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Stylist / Colourist

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If you are anxious about changing hair salons or changing your hairstyle, we can put you at ease. You will have a free consultation with your stylist before you make any decisions. Tim Shealy and his team of experts are well-versed in today’s edgy styles and colors as well as the classics. At Austral, we are committed to serving you with the professionalism, respect, and skill you deserve.

Partial Highlight

A partial highlight is a highlight service that applies highlights to only part of your head. Highlights are placed, typically, in only  the top ​half, or the top and side sections of your head.

Full Highlight

A full highlight involves highlighting hair in every section of your head from the nape of your neck, to the hairline in your fringe and everywhere in between.


Single Process Color means that a new color or toner is applied all over to create a new base color. It is used for covering grays and adding shininess and dullness to the hair.

Hair Cuts

A women’s haircut includes a wash, blowdry, and style.

A men’s haircut includes a wash and style.


Balayage is a form of lightening the hair using a painting technique.


Blow Out Flat Iron
Keratin Treatment
Keratin Express
Brazilian Treatment




Haircut, Shampoo & Blow dryStarting at $35
Maintenance Bang Trim(existing clients) No Charge
Beard TrimStarting at $12
Blow OutStarting at $25
Blow Out and Flat IronStarting at $45
Blowout and Curling IronStarting at $45
Up DoStarting at $55
Avocado Oil Conditioning Treatmentabove shoulders $30
Avocado Oil Conditioning Treatmentbelow shoulders $50
Inca Conditioning Treatmentabove shoulders $30
Inca Conditioning Treatmentbelow shoulders $50
Essential Oil Conditioning TreatmentsVolumizing $30
Essential Oil Conditioning TreatmentsEnergizing $30
Essential Oil Conditioning TreatmentsHydrating $30
Essential Oil Conditioning TreatmentsNourishing $30


Single Process (roots only)Starting at $87
Double Process (roots to ends)Starting at $117
Eye Brow ColorStarting at $15
Full HeadStarting at $119
Half HeadStarting at $103
OmbreStarting at $180
BalayageStarting at $200
Corrective ColorConsultation Only

*Price will vary based on additional color request and or additional chemical needed for clients with longer or thicker hair.

Straightening, Curl, Frizz Control

Blow Out Flat IronStarting at $45
Keratin TreatmentStarting at $400
Keratin ExpressStarting at $175
Brazilian TreatmentStarting at $325


Hair TrialStarting at $75
Makeup TrialStarting at $55
Wedding Day HairStarting at $125
Wedding Day MakeupStarting at $65
Hair (in Salon)Starting at $65
Makeup (in Salon)Starting at $55

Special Occasion

Up DoStarting at $55
Blow Out Flat IronStarting at $45
Blow Out CurlsStarting at $45
False Eyelashes$35

Facial Waxing

Wax Chin. . . . . . .$17
Wax Eyebrow. . . . . . .$22
Wax Lips. . . . . . .$17

Hair Extensions

Hair ExtensionsComplimentary Consultation


Opening Times

Find out just what Austral Salon can do for you. We’re open Monday thru Saturday. Use our Request form or call today for an appointment





















Treat Yourself

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Being on time for your appointment is greatly appreciated to ensure that you receive your full service and other clients are not inconvenienced. We respectfully reserve the right to decline any client a service we don’t see fit.

Our Products

Organic Pure Care is a complete line of exclusive hair care products which is dedicated to the beauty and care of the hair and scalp, from the balanced formulations based on high quality plant extracts. Organic Pure Care Products are the result of advanced research by innovative technologies. Every single product line contains high concentrations of pure essential oils, extracts from plants and flowers according to the most traditional and ancient techniques of collection. The high-quality therapeutic powers, the aromas, the colors that characterize each essence are kept in a natural way, without the use of harmful chemical additives. Following the arc of the seasons and the ripening of plants, Organic Pure Care may be subject to some slight variation of color and scent. For harmony and an end result that focuses on the person giving comfort, with an ally of exception: Nature.

Silk Aloe Line

Silk Aloe Line

Aloe restores health to hair. Born in arid environments, this incredible plant has developed the ability to transform on the inside, using sunlight and minerals extracted from the ground in a number of beneficial substances. Its health giving properties are due to the quantity and quality of substances that are inside the plant. Aloe contains the B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, B15) and vitamin C, to regenerate skin tissues, and act as natural cerebral stimulants.

Organic Pure Care Color Line

Organic Pure Care Color Line

Fast, powerful, and environmentally friendly, developed with the needs of Stylists and their guests. This innovative color line was created to help the successful Stylist in a way that allows for business growth – both economically and professionally. Obtain optimal results with color, in complete safety.

Wellness Line

Wellness Line

For scalp and hair, absorb the precious beneficial effects of these essential oils. Relaxing, Calming, Toning, Energizing, and Avocado Oil Treatment. The properties of the essential oil will act through the skin and the breathing for body and mind care in harmony with your senses.

Beauty Argan Line

Beauty Argan Line

Our hydrating line to make the hair healthier. Our Argan Oil products, like all our lines, are designed to make hair softer, shinier, bright, and full of vitality.

Inca Restructuring Treatment

Inca Restructuring Treatment

INCA is an excellent natural cosmetic treatment that is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (about 93%) and with its outstanding quality surpasses all other oil substances used in the cosmetic world. Inca oil protects both the structure of the hair, and the scalp, giving both the chance to rebuild natural barriers through excellent moisturizing qualities. Its use is very suitable for treated hair, which is porous, dry, dehydrated or sensitive. It regenerates and restores all the fiber and the roots; the vitamin E contained in it is part of the process of regeneration and renovation, and its unsaturated fatty acids deeply nourish. It prevents, treats and resolves all types of hair problems.

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Austral Salon
2100 North Beltline Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29204

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Why choose a career with Austral Salon? At Austral Salon, we believe in growing talent. Owner Tim Shealy works closely with each new hair stylist for 6-12 months to further develop technique and professionalism, building a solid foundation of education and experience.

As a major retailer of Organic Pure Care hair care products in the Southeastern U.S., stylists get to use these products exclusively at the salon. Ongoing education and training on these products is provided by Tim as well as Organic Pure Care representatives from New York.

All stylists receive ongoing training in the latest trends, techniques and products from owner Tim Shealy, Organic Pure Care representatives from New York, and more.

As a bonus, Austral provides paid vacation for its permanent, full-time stylists; something unusual in the industry. Stylists also enjoy a great working environment in Columbia’s premiere hair salon.

At Austral Salon, our stylists are professionals, and they are treated that way.

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