Everything You Need To Know About Brazilian Blowout

Is It Safe? 

You probably have seen people advertise Brazilian blowout as the best method to get your hair shiner, stronger, smoother, and get rid of frizz. And at the same time, you might have heard concerns from scientists who talk about the harm it could cause to your health. 

With this you could be in a dilemma. Wondering whether to go for a method that leaves your hair looking good at the expense of your health. And you can’t even know what to believe. This is because you can’t verify all the claims you get from the media and all over the internet. 

You are not alone. Many people are confused. 

But this article will give you the clarity you need. We will share with you everything you need to know about the Brazilian blowout. 

How Does Brazilian Blowout work? 

A Brazilian blowout works by creating a strong protective layer on top of your hair strands. It uses a keratin liquid formula. Keratin is a protein naturally found on teeth, fingernails, skin, and hair. And adding more keratin to the hair adds it’s strength. The strands remain stronger and smooth. When you look at your hair, it ends up looking glossier and fuller. 

The keratin used in Brazilian blowout is majorly obtained from animals and birds (hoofs, horns, feathers, claws, and wool). And it’s combined with other chemicals to make the protein liquid and stick on your hair. 

Keratin Treatment 

Why You Should or Shouldn’t Try Keratin Treatment 

Keratin treatment, commonly known as the Brazilian blowout, is one of the most controversial treatments. People are divided into their pros and cons. Some people totally believe keratin treatment to be a perfect way of getting healthy-looking hair. While on the other side, there are health enthusiasts who fear the side effects of the treatment. 

And sometimes, you can find yourself in a dilemma. Not sure what to believe or which way to go. 

But that shouldn’t happen anymore. This is because we will share with you the major pros and cons of keratin treatment in this article. 

Before deciding on whether to try or not try keratin treatment, weigh out these different pros and cons. And then choose for yourself what seems good. 

Pros of Keratin Treatment 

First of all, you need to understand that our bodies naturally make keratin. It’s found on nails, hair, and sometimes teeth. And the Keratin used in the treatments is majorly obtained from animal horns, wool, or bird feathers. 

And here are the benefits of getting a keratin treatment. 

  • Smoothy, shiny hair 

The number one benefit of using keratin treatment is getting shiny, smooth, and healthy-looking hair strands. This means you will have less hair frizz. Managing your hair will be very easy. 

For better looks, keratin treatment reduces split ends on your hair. It bonds the hair together temporarily. 

  • Makes Hair Easy to Maintain 

One of the problems that most people deal with is hair frizzing. This makes it hard for anyone who loves keeping their hair natural. This is because keeping the hair detangled is a nightmare. But with a keratin treatment, the hair frizzes are reduced. Your hair detangles easily. And for a very long time, it remains looking as good as possible. The hair remains as healthy as possible. 

  • The Treatment Lasts Very Long 

After doing a keratin treatment, it lasts for a very long time. The treatment can last on your hair for as long as six months. The only requirement is for you to wash it less often. It’s recommended to wash your hair twice or a maximum of three times a week. With gentle washing, the keratin can last for up to half a year without the need for another keratin treatment. 

  • Cost 

Keratin treatment is expensive. Depending on where you get it, you might pay up to $800. 

  • Hard to Maintain 

Wrong maintenance will definitely damage the hair. This means you have to be extra careful with everything, especially how and what you wash your hair with. 

Now you have both the cons and pros of keratin treatment. You can make your own decision whether to use the treatment or not. 

Brazilian blowout is a perfect way to make your hair look stronger, smoother, and shiner. It’s like applying another layer of keratin to make it even fuller and better. However, this comes at some risk. It has an effect on your health. And in the long run, it leads to hair drying and breakages. 

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